This program consists of seven live 3-hour webinar sessions. A foundational session is followed by six sessions that focus on each of the Rainbow Tick standards. Sessions lead participants using interactive activities, engaging videos, small group work and practical activities designed to help participants build their LGBTIQ inclusive plans and programs. Sessions are spaced approximately three weeks apart, allowing participants time to put learnings into practice in their workplace with guidance from HOW2 Program trainers. The full course takes up to five months to complete.

In addition to the seven live webinar sessions, each participant will receive registration for Rainbow Health Australia’s 3-hour online training Introduction to LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice, to be completed as a pre-requisite to the HOW2 program.

Who's it for?

The HOW2 Program is suited to any organisation looking to embed LGBTIQ inclusion in a sustainable way. It will guide participants in developing, and beginning to implement, a plan specific to their organisation for facilitating LGBTIQ inclusion. Completing the HOW2 Program can greatly assist organisations in gaining Rainbow Tick accreditation. However, organisations will benefit from the program whether or not they are seeking formal accreditation.


During this training participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the evidence base for LGBTIQ inclusive practice within services and organisations, and the positive impact this has on the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people

  • Be introduced to, and practice applying, key relevant frameworks that will help participants develop strategies to improve outcomes for LGBTIQ staff and consumers at their organisation

  • Develop a plan to practice embedding their self-developed LGBTIQ inclusive organisational strategies across their organisation under the ongoing mentorship of the facilitators.


“The webinars were interactive, moving from small group discussions to the larger group and then into didactic mode with powerpoint presentations - it was essentially like being in a training room or as close as you will get!”

“You’ve managed to deliver complex content remotely in a way that was engaging and informative. I appreciate all the planning that has gone into the sessions and the extra ways you have made the sessions interactive, such as the polls and break out rooms. Thank you also for all the extra resources and links you provide throughout the sessions.”

“The webinars were very well planned and delivered. The formats used to deliver the sessions were innovative and engaging and maintained a sense of connection with the group throughout the time.”



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